Silk garments can be found in many different garment stores or shops. For women, the silk dress, silk shirt or blouse, silk skirt, silk bag, shawl, silk jacket, and silk scarf are the most popular while for men, silk shirt or blouse, cufflink, jacket for men and silk tie are the best choices. Other silk products include bedding, decorative cushions, curtains, dinning set, photo frame, home accessories, and silk fabrics such as plain silk, stripe silk, check silk, printed silk, dobby silk, and jacquard silk.

There is a good reason why silk products especially garments are among the best choice especially during summer. While wearing a silk dress or shirt during summer, it makes you feel comfortable and fresh. It is great to wear a silk dress or silk blouse for women because it has a natural drape and a beautiful colour. Also, silk fabric allows a a very light and soft feeling on the skin. If you want to experience the cool or heat effect well, then choose comfortable loose fit.

When you choose a fabric for a summer outfit, any kind of silk fabric is great since it don’t just appear beautiful but it is also a luxurious material. There are some tips of silk care, laundry and ironing that should be remembered and practiced in order not to destroy the fabric or the garment itself. So it is very important to know the characteristics of silk. Silk naturally breaks away mites, dust, and other particles. It means it doesn’t need to be washed regularly.